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Drive-in Eateries Northern California
Crossroads Drive-in Restaurant


Crossroads Bar-B-Q
Santa Cruz, CA
Photo courtesy Len Klumpnauer

In the 1950s, the Cross Roads Drive-In restaurant served as a popular rendezvous for teenagers in Santa Cruz, Calif., a seaside community at the northern tip of Monterey Bay about 75 miles south of San Francisco. Unfortunately, the Cross Roads is endangered.

See more information here at Preservation's Alley feature on the Crossroads.



Sno Flake Drive-in
Lake Tahoe, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Looking for a quick bite to eat while in Tahoe? Then check out the Sno-Flake Drive in. The Sno-Flake appears to be an old-school drive-in with walk up only service, complete with burgers, dogs, and frostee delights. The Sno-Flake was established in 1961 and is open every day of the week. For more information, check out the Sno-Flake Drive-in site.


UPDATE 04/05 : They are still there and the burgers are great! I lived within walking distance from them for many years. They would be open in the worst of snow storms, and we would ski there for some great chow in white out conditions. It was like a winter pilgrimage for us. Many thanks to John from Carson City for update. 04-05



Campus Drive-in
Somewhere off the 101
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Campus Drive-in is home to a large rootbeer mug. This little eatery is located in Greenfield, CA, right on the main street. The giant mug on the roof was recently repainted, as well as the building. Before they were repainted, both the mug and the building were looking pretty shabby. Prior to the repainting, the mug was red, and said "Coca Cola". It now says "Pepsi". Regardless of the fact that their only competition is the local Burger King, they make excellent burgers and also have a rather exotic selection of milk shakes. Many thanks to Mike Wilkerson for information.



Hazels Drive-in
Antioch, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out this rooftop eat sign at Hazel's Drive-in in Antioch, CA.






5 Spot Drive-in
San Jose, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The 5 Spot Drive-in marquee in San Jose used to and may still stand off the boulevard. The eatery itself has long since been closed. The drive-in eatery was built in 1931 and has been feeding hungry eaters in downtown San Jose since. In 2002, the City of San Jose declared the 5 Spot a landmark.


UPDATE 06/07 : The 5 Spot has now been named the 5 Spot Chivas Grill after new owners David and Rosa Silva took over and opened the restaurant. The drive-in lives for another day. 06-07



21st Street Drive-in
Paso Robles, CA
Photo and info courtesy Adriene Biondo

The 21st Street Drive-In was the last of the original A & W Root Beer Drive-Ins. They only recently changed names but their menu is the same. Car hops will still serve you a frosty mug of root beer in your car.











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