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Retrolook San Diego
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Ray's Radio
Photo courtesy James Twardy

Ray's Radio & TV Services probably dates in the early 1950's from the looks of the sign. Not sure if this place is still in business. See this place and more at Roadside Peek's Golden Era Shops San Diego.



El Cortez Hotel
Photo courtesy Ken Lux

Check out some of the historical hotels of San Diego such as this historic El Cortez Hotel at none other than Roadside Peek's Historical Hotels San Diego.



Santa Fe Depot
Photo courtesy Ken Lux

Here's a shot of the historic Santa Fe Depot in San Diego. Featuring Spanish Mission-Colonial Revival architecture, the depot is on the National Register of Historic Places. See this historical site and others here at Roadside Peek's Historical Sites San Diego.



U.S. Grant Hotel
Postcard courtesy Bruce R. Cassi

This old postcard is of the U.S. Grant Hotel in San Diego. See more postcards at Roadside Peek's Vintage Postcards San Diego. 07-07









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