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Snacks and Stuff Southern California
Donut Kitchen


Donut Kitchen (Gone)
San Gabriel, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Donut Kitchen always seemed a bit of an anomaly... sitting alongside the busy boulevard, dwarfed by fast food mega joints and sprouting up strip malls. Yet, the Donut Kitchen went along, merrily doing its business selling donuts out of its little stand. Unfortunately, this little stand is long gone.

See the lost treasures feature on this place at where else but Roadside Peek's Lost Treasures feature on Donut Kitchen.



Kindles Donuts
Photo courtesy Norm V.

This huge donut sits atop Kindles Donuts. Not sure why the top looks like it's already been dipped in coffee.






Donut King
Photo courtesy David Ferdig

Check out the huge donut atop this Donut King.


A side view of the same Donut King. Yep, the donut does appear to be larger than the parked car underneath.

(Far left) The Donut King showing off its huge donut

(Near left) Another view of the Donut King



Donut King II
Photo courtesy David Ferdig

This Donut King looks like it just got a recent paint job. Part donut shop, part lemonade stand (at least from the looks of the colors), this roadside delight makes you wish for a good lemon donut.



Donut Star
Photo courtesy David Ferdig

Looking for a neighborhood donut stand? Well, this Donut Star may be the place.



Circus Donuts
Photo courtesy David Ferdig

Ever pass by a building that looked like it came straight out of a circus? Well, then, it must've been Circus Donuts. Located in the South Bay, Circus Donuts brings a carnival atmosphere to this busy boulevard.



Mitchell's Drive-thru Donuts (Removed)
Temple City, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's an interesting drive-thru donut place. Mitchell's Donuts features an original marquee made up of stacked cylindrical blocked letters, unlike that of other donut shops.

Alas, this marquee was removed a couple of years ago. This great marquee has been replaced by backlit plastic, much like the fate of other grand roadside signage.









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