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Bygone Retail Southern California

This area of Roadside Peek is dedicated to retail establishments we've all frequented through the years. In this section, we will see both stores that have been around for years (and still are around) and those that have gone away for good. Some are now gone because of a merger. Others simply just couldn't cut it in these times. As you check out these photos, you may remember some of the old familiar scents and displays of these stores, especially during the holidays. This section is centered around Southern California icons that have disappeared. Some of these names still appear in other portions of the U.S.



The Broadway (Closed)
Pasadena, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Once a retail powerhouse, The Broadway used to proclaim itself "The Broadway Is Southern California." Well, these day, The Broadway is just about no more after falling into bankruptcy and eventual buyout by the Macy's chain a few years ago. For a look at an original Broadway establishment, check out The Broadway in the Pasadena mall, now an outlet store.


UPDATE 12/08 : The Broadway Pasadena on Colorado has a weird history. When it opened around 1980, it replaced an older Broadway that was across the street. It was supposed to be a shining star in the Broadway chain. However, when Macy's took over The Broadway Chain in 1996, this store was one of the stores that they decided that they were going to get rid of and sell to Sears. The deal fell through and Macy's kept the store as an outlet store. A few years later, Macy's turned it back into a regular store, renaming it Macy's. A couple of years ago, the entire Pasadena Mall was demolished except for the Macy's, The new mall is now known as Paseo Colorado and the main anchor is the Macy's! Many thanks to Thomas Jones for update. 12-08



Fedco (Demolished)
Cerritos, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Southern California locals will remember the old Fedco Membership Stores. The full-featured stores carried all types of goods, including electronics, hardware, apparel, you name it. A typical Fedco day would be browsing and shopping the aisles and grabbing a pizza pup or two on the way out. This Fedco was demolished and is also a Target store. 01-07



Kinney Shoe Stores (Closed)
Various Locations, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Ever need to grab a quick pair of sneakers or GASS earth shoes? Then stop by your nearest Kinney Shoe Store and don't forget your wallet. In its heyday, Kinney Shoes was one of the largest and well known shoe chains. Like the Van's single stores, Kinney's were located in just about every shopping plaza worth a stop. Now, the single-standing full-service Kinney stores are merely a memory.



Newberry (Closed)
Los Angeles, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

When looking for small gifts or other general merchandise, Newberry's was a great place to start. A shopper could load up a basket full of "stuff" at a reasonable price, courtesy of the neighborhood Newberry's. An if you're lucky, you may even find a "special" while in the store. However, like many other "five and dime" stores, Newberry's could not quite make it to the millennium





Fedco (Demolished)
Los Angeles, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This Crenshaw area store was one of the first Fedco's, if not the first and has been a Los Angeles staple for many years. It sported a unique type of Fedco sign that could be seen as travelers passed by on Crenshaw. This site was razed over and is now the home to a Target store.










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