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Roadside Institutions Southern California


Greyhound Bus Station
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

This vintage Greyhound Bus sign stands tall to all potential travelers. The marquee still features the standard display for the Greyhound bus.



Greyhound Bus
Santa Barbara, CA
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

Greyhound Bus terminals used to be a main part of any city. Here's an old weather beaten sign found in Santa Barbara.



Amboy School
Amboy, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Amboy School has been closed for quite some time. Today, the town of Amboy is owned by Juan Pollo founder and owner Albert Okura. 04-06



City Hall
Beverly Hills, CA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Here are a couple of photos of the Beverly Hills City Hall. 03-01

(Near left) The detailed front entranceway to the Beverly Hills City Hall






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