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Neon theatre Southern California


Fox Studio City Theatre (Bookstar)
Studio City, CA
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss


Here's the Fox Studio City Theatre featuring all of its neon lit. Well, actually, this is now the Bookstar on Ventura Blvd., formerly the grand old theatre. The theatre closed down in 1991 after over 50 years of service. 01-07

(Far left) A shot of the neon lit marquee and front facade

(Near left) The ticket booth



Criterion Theatre
Santa Monica, CA
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Worth a peek is the neon at the Criterion Theatre in Santa Monica. Originally opened in the 1920's, the Criterion was once a part of the legendary Fox West Coast Theatres chain. Word is the original theatre was torn down in the 1980's and this is part of a rebuild. See more at Cinema Treasures. 02-07






Rialto Theatre (Closed)
South Pasadena, CA
Photos courtesy Marilynn Hendrie

The Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena is closed as of August 2007. Built in 1924, the Rialto is a historic landmark and was added to t he National Register of Historic Places in 1978. 12-07



Delta Theatre
Brentwood, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

The Delta Theatre in Brentwood, CA was originally a single screener. Built sometime in the 1930's, the Delta saw business slow down then was bought out by CineLux in 2000. Today, the neon on the Delta shines bright. 10-09



Fontana Theatre Fontana Theatre
Fontana, CA
Photo courtesy Jack Wright

The Fontana Theatre and its art deco marquee still lights up the sidewalk after nightfall. According to Cinema Treasures, the theatre was built in 1937 then became used for other purposes beginning in the 1950's. The Fontana was reopened and renamed the Center Stage Theatre in 2008 and is now home to live performances. 09-10



Presidio Theatre San Franciso CAPantages Theater
Los Angeles, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's a nice neon shot of the Pantages Theater in Hollywood, CA. According to the Pantages Theater website, the theater is located on Hollywood Boulevard just down the block from Vine. Opening on June 4, 1930, the Pantages was originally part of the Fox Theatre chain through 1949. Since 1977, the theater has been home to live performances. 09-10












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