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Grand Cinema Southern California

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Bridge Theatre San Francisco CAOlympic Theatre (Closed)
Los Angeles, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's a shot of the neon sign on the Olympic Theatre on Eight Street in Los Angeles. Since this sign photo was taken in 2007, the marquee was covered with with a "for sale" sign and now has been painted a solid black.


According to Cinema Treasures, the Olympic originally opened as Bard's Eighth Street Theatre across from the landmark May Company department store. The theatre was renamed the Olympic Theatre in 1932 prior to the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. The theatre closed in 1986 and is now a furniture store. 09-10


Olympic Theatre marquee
Los Angeles, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's a close up look at the Olympic marquee that stands tall just above the front facade.




Presidio Theatre San Franciso CAFox Theatre
Banning, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

The Fox Theatre in Banning, CA still features first run movies. The theatre opened in 1928. This is a view of the Fox marquee prior to being painted as part of a renovation in 2009. See more from the Fox Theatre circuit here at Fox Grand Theatre. 09-10








Tower Theatre
Santa Paula, CA
Photo courtesy John King

The Tower Theatre in Downtown Santa Paula is a mission revival single screen theatre that's been closed for several years.

According to Cinema Treasures, the Tower Theatre was originally named the Mission Theatre when it first opened in 1926. Several name iterations later, the Tower Theatre still stands, vacant. 10-10



Rialto Theatre
South Pasadena, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Check out these shots of the Rialto Theatre in South Pasadena. The Rialto Theatre is a single screener built in 1925. The Rialto was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Today, the Rialto Theatre is threatened by demolition after closing in 2007.

For more information, though the last update appears to be from 10 years ago, see the Rialto Theatre website. In addition, more current information can be found at Cinema Treasures. 11-10



Hiway House Motel Albuquerque NMLankershim Theatre
North Hollywood, CA
Photo and info courtesy Scott Broadhurst

Here's a photo of the former Lankershim Theatre in North Hollywood. The Lankershim was a movie theatre up until the 1970's when it ended its run showing adult films. The Lankershim is now being used as a church. 11-10














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