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Lariat Motel
Fallon, NV


Lariat Motel
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Travelers down the old Highway 50 passing through Nevada always make a gasp when they see the looming marquee for the Lariat Motel. This motel has been a landmark in the sleepy town of Fallon for over 50 years. And just wait until dusk approaches and the animated neon cowboy starts whipping his glowing lasso.

Memories. Yes, memories. Funny, recent travels through Fallon did not give a hint that the motel's fate was near.

According to the Fallon Star Press, the Lariat Motel was torn down in February 2005 to make way for commercial development in the heart of the city. Although the motel buildings have been razed over, the new owners have donated the neon cowboy sign to the Churchill Arts Council. The sign will eventually be placed at Oats Park, on the opposite side of town.


Lariat Neon
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


Although the sign has been generously donated and will be preserved, it's always a disappointment to see yet another treasure of the highway relegated to scrapbooks.

Many thanks to Austin Metz for initial notification regarding the sad fate of the Lariat Motel.






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