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Showboat Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV


The Showboat Hotel and Casino has been a Las Vegas institution since 1954. In 2000, ownership changed hands and the Showboat is now the Castaways. By the way, the "W" in the Showboat sign is now sitting in the YESCO neon graveyard.

Showboat (now Castaways) (Demolished)
Las Vegas, NV
Photo courtesy Jim Emory

Many thanks to Jim Emory and Allen Sandquist for their knowledge and information on the "Big W" lettering.


Showboat sign at night
Las Vegas, NV
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


The Showboat Hotel and Casino opened its doors in 1954 in a fitting showboat theme. It is known as the first resort to operate within the Las Vegas city and became popular as a home of 49 center breakfast buffet meals. The Showboat then became very popular as a bowling venue and hosted PBA tournaments with its 3rd largest bowling alley in the US.

Night shot of the Casino along Fremont Street
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


As more casino resorts cropped up along the strip in the 1990s, business started to wane at the Showboat. Harrah's bought the Showboat in 1998, kept the place for 2 years, then sold out in 2000. Harrah's kept the Showboat name. The new owners VSS Enterprises opened as the Castaways. The Castaways eventually closed in 2005 and was imploded in 2006. The property has been left as a huge dirt lot. 11-20

Close up of the Showboat hotel
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Here's the Showboat on the Roadside Casino page and Casino Neon. Soon to come are photos of the Showboat's successor the Castaway.


Here's what the vacant property now looks like courtesy of Google Maps.



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