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August to December 2004

Welcome to Roadside Peek News. This section will feature a news peek of what's happening out on the road. While not pretending to be comprehensive, we hope you'll visit this section from time to time to keep up on just a sample of issues that are roadside related. Don't forget to check out the Roadside Peek main page for the day's update.

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Roadside News - Monday, December 20, 2004

Endangered... the Farmington New Mexico Western Tire Man?

Farmington, NM - The Western Tire store, or as the locals call it, the store with big man on top is closing this year or the beginning of next year in 2005. The business has served here for 49 years in Farmington, NM. It is sad to see it go. The rumor is that the man will be sold on Ebay.

If you're interested in saving this roadside icon, please email me.

Many thanks to Bill K. for update.

Roadside News - Friday, October 15, 2004

Things are getting wild at the Wildwoods...

Wildwood and Wildwood Crest, NJ - As reported by the Doo Wop Preservation League, many of the old signs and landmarks are coming down in the Wildwoods. During a roadside visit this past weekend, it was evident that crews were going full bore at demolishing the Satellite Motel. Many other motels in Wildwood Crest, including the Carousel, Avanti and the Tally Ho were closed down with demolition signs posted. Looks like the condo development push is accelerating and the situation appears a bit alarming at the Wildwoods. Please visit the Doo Wop Preservation site to find out how to help.

Photos to come soon from the Wildwoods as well as Atlantic City and Manhattan, NY.

Roadside News - Monday, September 13, 2004

More Miscellaneous News from the Road...

Las Vegas, NV - Happened to see the Algiers Hotel the Thursday before Labor Day weekend and was happy to see that things were lit up as normal. Well, news is the Algiers closed down that Friday and is now impending demolition. So much for the short lived optimism...

Reno, NV - The summer air is nice in Reno, however the wind seems to have shifted a bit and change appears to be in the air. The Comstock Hotel stripped its neon lettering and starbursts off the building with only scars remaining (thanks to Eric Fleck for this info). In addition, the Ponderosa Hotel on Virginia just got rid of its huge neon tree and replaced it with a large plastic sign. Construction is well underway on the large lot where the Gold Key, Sage, and Chalet Motels once resided. Not sure what else changed as things just "sniffed" of being a bit different.

Wendover, NV - Let's see... the famous three Nevada neon cowboys. Vegas Vic... Laughlin Lou... and Wendover Will!

The Terrific Trio!

Well, there are now just two. Wendover Will, who graced the Stateline Casino at the .. yes.. state line of Nevada and Utah in West Wendover has been removed. According to our first source at a roadside motel nearby, Wendover Will had been taken down just a week prior to our visit. Further responses from employees at the Nugget (which replaced the Stateline) were that he was either purchased by a collector or trashed. Well in either case, the neon cowboy's removal is our, the roadside traveler's, loss. So much for the grand neon welcome into West Wendover as you travel in from Utah.

Anaheim, CA - The fantastic motel marquee of the Oasis Motel on Lincoln is history. The motel itself has been demolished and an empty lots sits. Another motel on Lincoln, the Stage Stop, change names and the marquee has been altered. Meanwhile, the fomer location of the Silver Moon Motel on Beach is still an empty lot.

Buena Park, CA - Just realized that the tall Buena Park Mall marquee was removed when mall was remodeled. The marquee has been replaced by an equally tall BPD marquee depicting the Buena Park Downtown.

Los Angeles, CA - Today's Los Angeles Times had a long article on the Ambassador Hotel. The school superintendent approved a plan to partially raze this hotel, the site of Hollywood events and also Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. More on this can be found in the Times article.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, new content will be added in the next few days.

Roadside News - Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Another Space Age Treasure is Blasted Away

Cerritos, CA - Originally listed in Preservation Alley in March, 2002, things are now changing at Cerritos College and the present doesn't look good for the mid-century architecture around campus. The space age lecture hall (1956) has now been demolished. This lecture hall had the look of a flying saucer and appeared to be in great shape inside through the end.

Many thanks to Adriene Biondo for this update on Cerritos College.

Roadside News - Monday, August 23, 2004

Miscellaneous Ramblings...

Las Vegas, NV - Sometimes they just disappear. In this case, we're talking about the City Center Motel that used to sit adjacent to the El Cortez along Fremont. While passing down the old boulevard on a routine run and check of the motel strip, the familiar yellow sign of a Super 8 Motel stood out. But wait, a Super 8 along old Fremont? Yep, a Super 8 at the former site of the City Center. So long to another Vegas survivor from yesteryear. Oh and the Clark Inn Motel marquee further down Fremont has been gone for a few years now.

Speaking of Vegas, there's a large sign draped over the Algier's, advertising condo applications. So it looks like the rumors are true... the Algier's will be the next to go. How far will Vegas take this latest condo kick and is the rest of the old Vegas north end now endangered? The La Concha Motel marquee has been removed and replaced by a "placeholder" of a sign. The motel lobby is vacant and the furniture is sitting in the parking lot.

On the south end of the strip, the Glass Pool Inn marquee still stands tall behind a fence and on a now vacant lot.

Things are moving and shaking again in Vegas!



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