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April to June 2006

Welcome to Roadside Peek News. This section will feature a news peek of what's happening out on the road. While not pretending to be comprehensive, we hope you'll visit this section from time to time to keep up on just a sample of issues that are roadside related. Don't forget to check out the Roadside Peek main page for the day's update.

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Roadside News - Sunday, June 25, 2006

Courtesy Coffee Shop For Sale

Blythe, CA - The Courtesy Coffee Shop which has been a Blythe fixture since 1964 is currently being listed for sale. Hopefully it'll find a purchaser that'll reopen this coffee shop treasure intact.

It would sure be different traveling down Hobson Way without the Courtesy Coffee Shop anchoring down the west end.

UPDATE 06/06 : The Courtesy Coffee Shop is still open for business and even serves prime rib on Fridays.



New Frontier Hotel and Casino Next to Go? Stardust Not Taking Reservations Past November 1

Las Vegas, NV - According to the June 15, 2006 edition of the Las Vegas Sun, the New Frontier could be demolished by the end of the year to make room for a new resort to be name "Montreaux on the Strip."

The Frontier is located next door to the landmark Stardust Hotel, which is already scheduled to be torn down sometime next year. In fact, it's now being reported that the owner Boyd Gaming Corp. and the Stardust is not taking reservations past November 1, 2006 and plans are still underway to replace the Stardust with Echelon Place in 2010.

Roadside News - Thursday, June 10, 2006

South Carolina Boardwalk Amusement Park Announces Farewell Season

Myrtle Beach, SC - The Myrtle Beach Pavilion, a beachfront / boardwalk amusement park is on its last season this year. The new owners decided that condos would bring them more money than continuing to operate a beloved attraction. Short term pocket stuffing means that all those who visited this place as kids and hoped to bring their own children will now be unable. The bad thing about this is there is no other place like it along the east coast from Florida up, until you get to New Jersey.

The Myrtle Beach Pavilion has been around for more than 50 years. The pavilion is located on Ocean Blvd.

Many thanks to Tony Craig for alert.


Pryor Landmark Thomas Restaurant Burns to Ground

Pryor, OK - Sad news from the town of Pryor, OK. The longtime establishment Thomas Restaurant was destroyed on Thursday May 18, 2006 when a grease fire in the kitchen got out of control. According to, the fire could be seen for miles.

Thomas Restaurant
Photo courtesy Greg West

The Thomas Restaurant has been a Pryor favorite eatery since 1952. KOTV also reports that the well known sign was salvaged. Word on the street is that the owner intends to rebuild. We hope so.

Many thanks to Mark Erdwin for alert.

Roadside News - Monday, May 15, 2006

The Last of the 24 Hour Carhop Drive-in Eateries in Southern California Closes Down for the Last Time

Ontario, CA - The A&W Root Beer Drive-in in Ontario, CA shut its doors for the last time on April 30, 2006. This drive-in along Holt Avenue has been in business since 1960. Unfortunately with sales down and reduced corporate interest, the owners decided to close down. Those who used to frequent the monthly cruise nights will now need to find another location.

Here are photos from the last day of the drive-in.



Wildwood's Doo Wop Motels on National Trust for Historic Preservation Endangered List

Wildwood, NJ - The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named the Wildwoods' collection of "Doo Wop Motels" on its listing of "America's 11 Most Endangered Places" for 2006.

Many thanks to Troy Cawley for information.




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