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Other Roadside Signage Great Plains


Eat Sign
Claremore, OK
Photo courtesy Charles Brock

Competing for your attention as you travel down the highway are signs of every sort; some advertising lodging, others a roadside attraction, and many more advertising places to eat. Here is one such sign... this one found off of Route 66 in Claremore, OK.



Colvert's Dairy
Ardmore, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an old marquee for Colvert's Dairy of Ardmore, OK. Looks like this roadside sign has withstood the test of time.








Meadow Gold (Removed)
Tulsa, OK
Photo courtesy Chris King

Route 66Check out this fantastic rooftop sign for the Meadow Gold in Tulsa, OK. This is one sign that could literally be seen for blocks.

However, this 1934 era sign will be removed soon if it hasn't been already. Word was that the owners were to donate it to a preservation group. See Preservation Alley's latest on the Meadow Gold.

Also see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Meadow Gold.



Shawnee, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Check out the googie marquee for the Skateland in Shawnee, OK. The marquee itself features different shapes as well as eye-catching mid-century colors. It's always great to see an old time skating rink surviving the times.



Colonial Bread
Des Moines, IA
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This huge rooftop sign is for the Colonial Bread of Des Moines Iowa.



Men's Club
Chickasha, OK
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's an interesting sign out front of the Men's Club in Chickasha, OK. Check out the detail on the shooter and pool table depicted on the sign. This sign has some similarities to this sign in Arizona.












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