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Mid Century Modern Midwest


Par King Golf
Morton Grove, IL
Photo courtesy Jason Carlton

Here's a shot of what looks to be a mini golf course in Morton Grove. The front entrance sign for the Par King is a roadside delight.



Mt. Clemens, MI
Photo courtesy Dave Dudek

Here's a classic mid-century bank building from Mt. Clemens, MI, complete with swoopy frame and lots of glass.



Bank One
Columbus, OH
Photo and info courtesy Michael Sekeres

This dome drive-through is a Bank One branch which has two drive through windows, a walk-up window and an ATM, no lobby.

From the looks of things, this bank also looks like a 60's space port- a fine find out in Columbus.



Papa's Pancake House
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Check out the roofline on Papa's Pancake House in Indiana.This Indianapolis institution has been around since at least 1971. 03-07



Sharkey's Bar and Restaurant
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

Indiana is also home to Sharkey's Bar and Restaurant. This location may no longer be operating. 03-07







Zilwaukee, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this googie delight of a mid-century modern church. Located in Zilwaukee, MI, this church looks like a space ship, a space port, or landing pod depending on the angle. 07-09

(Near right) This MCM church looks ready to blast off

(Far right) Check out the amount of glass used in the structure as well as the upswept roofline



Del Taco (Formerly Phillips 66)
St Louis, MO
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Visitors who see this space age building for the first time can be forgiven for believing some sort of alien UFO landing has occurred. The former Phillips 66 gas station has been home to Del Taco for past several years and has been a frequent stop for students attending a university nearby. The Phillips 66 station was built in 1967l

The latest word is the building owner would like to demolish this architectural gem and replace it with something more mainstream. According to this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article, preservationists are working to save the structure and a Save St. Louis Del Taco Facebook group has now formed. Thousands of supporters have "liked" the page and the number continues to grow. Visit the Facebook page for more information on how to help save this space age structure from demolition. 06-11


UPDATE 09/17 : After the Del Taco chain closed down its St Louis restaurants including this one, the building was saved and and via adaptive reuse has became a Starbucks. 09-17








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