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Sit Down Eateries Midwest


Sandwich Machine
Indianapolis, IN
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This old eatery that been open for over 30 years is called the Sandwich Machine. The Sandwich Machine is located in Indianapolis, IN. 03-07



Papa's Restaurant
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

Check out the roofline on Papa's Restaurant in Indiana. This Indianapolis institution has been around since at least 1971.03-07



Sharkey's Bar and Restaurant
Photo and info courtesy Emily Steele

Indiana is also home to Sharkey's Bar and Restaurant. This location may no longer be operating. 03-07






Evergreen Cocktail Room (Demolished)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1995

The Evergreen Cocktail Room was on the grounds of the Evergreen Country Club, the village golf course. The restaurant burned down in the early part of the 1990's. the sign had been inoperative for many years. The sign was taken down in 2002. 04-07



Fielos Restaurant (Removed)
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1990

When somebody asks me what my favorite neon sign is, I say Fielos Restaurant on Western Avenue in Chicago. This double sided sign was over 25 feet tall. Notice the maintenance ladder under the letter F, also ladder rungs can be seen on the left side of the word "Restaurant". Fielos had undergone many owners over the years and in 2005 the sign was taken down. The business now operates under a new name. 06-07



Plaza 30 Truck Stop
Wanatah, IN
Photo and info courtesy Alan Culley

The Plaza 30 Truck Stop sign has had all the neon tubes removed and has been painted over. 07-07





Sign of the Beefcarver
Royal Oak, MI
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Sign of the Beefcarver used to be the Beefeater, but I think the company lost a law suite from the Gin maker who must have thought "go out and get me a bottle of Beefeater" would be confused with "Go out and have a roast beef dinner". Either way the sign is nearly identical as when it was the Beefeater. 07-07










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