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Gas Station
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's an old gas station made out of stone. This gas station is located somewhere in Illinois.






Gas N' Go
Ashtabula, OH
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

This "Flying Saucer" Gas Station sniffs of space-age architecture all around. Unfortunately, today's autos never quite made it to the Jetsons stage, so this gas station closed and remains defunct. A roadside classic!

Some of the space age architecture resemble space ports and flying saucers. Imagine driving down the street at night on your way to the neighborhood food store and catching a glimpse of a flying sauce out of the corner of your eye. Unfortunately, at least in the case of this saucer, it can no longer happen. The Gas n' Go gas station has been demolished. This Gas N' Go in Ashtabula, OH originally opened in 1966. Ray Keyes was the architect. See other Midwest Mid-Century Modern buildings at Mid-Century Modern Midwest.


See more Googie treasures at Roadside Peek's Spotlight on Googie Architecture.



Certified Gas Station
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here's another space-age petrol pump. The Certified Gas Station of Columbus, OH sports an inverted boomerang that appears to "float" above ground.





Gas For Less
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner


Gas For Less
Chicago, IL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Here are a couple of shots of the Jubilee Gas For Less in Chicago, IL. Roadside signage similar to this one has been disappearing quickly recently. Check out the lettering and design of this sign.



Twin Oaks Gas For Less
St. Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

The Twin Oaks Gas For Less is a rather rudimentary marquee which still catches the eye of passing motorists.



Petrol Pumps
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

What's a travel down the roadside without a look-see at some vintage petrol pumps. Especially these that are worn yet in still in decent condition.





Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here are a couple more old gas station signs. The one at the right is an example of Pana Gas.


Red Crown
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Red Crown Gasoline is an old vintage gas station. This sign shows the crown logo.










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