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Petrol Pumps Midwest

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Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Here's a Sunoco sign from back in time. At one time, Sunoco stations were prevalent just about everywhere.





Here are more classic petrol pump stations found in Illinois.

Although these stations are now abandoned, the structures still remain as a remembrance.


These guys are battery specialists
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

A vintage station... looks like a house
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Similar to the one at the top right
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This one looks like an old fire house
Photo courtesy Don Gardner



D&S Oil
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

D&S Oil of Illinois looks like it's dated from the 1960's.



Odell Gas Station
Odell, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Route 66The Odell Gas Station in IL is one of the famous remaining Route 66 icons left along the old road.




Gas Station
Compton, IL
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

This gas station still exists as a shell of its former self. It's located in Compton, IL.


UPDATE 03/07 : This was Archer's Service Station, run by Don Archer and later by his son (I presume) Floyd.  The building in the background was the garage/repair shop area.  A lift for cars was located between the two buildings. Since Archer's was next to the highway they carried as assortment of candy, soda and cigarettes.  I can remember when 35 cents would buy you a gallon of gas or a pack of smokes here.   They had a unique cooler for the soda, in which the bottles sat in a tank of water, which was chilled and circulated around the bottles.  It had the Coca-Cola trademark on it. Its' purpose these days seems to be overflow parking for the bar next door. Many thanks to Lou Miller for update. 03-07










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