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Sinclair Dino
Wisconsin Dells, WI
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Sinclair is home to "Dino", which has been Sinclair's logo since 1930. Check out this huge dino, protruding from the front of this Sinclair Gas Station in Wisconsin dells, WI. 03-06





Union 76 (Demolished)
Wabash, IN
Photo courtesy Ross Trimboli

This Union 76 station is located in Wabash, Indiana at the intersection of Indiana 15 and Indiana Business 24. It closed a month or so ago after operating for the past 52 years! The business was a sort of throwback to decades past. The property is going to be developed as a Walgreen's drug store. You can see the contractor trailer in the wide-angle photo to the right of the station.

The rear of the building is actually built into the side of a small bluff. My friend said that preservation and relocation of the station was investigated, but that the structure wasn't sound enough for a successful move at a cost-effective price. The gas station was demolished recently. 06-06


UPDATE 06/06 : I was living in Indiana at the time. That 76 station closed in 1996 and remained vacant. Judging by the building, it was originally a Pure station, converted to 76 after Union rebranded all the Pure stations. It didn't have a 76 ball, but 76 sides were retrofitted into the old Pure frames. Another landmark destroyed. Many thanks to Big Dave for update. 06-06



Wadham Gas
West Allis, WI
Photo and info courtesy Vic Eirschele

Here is the Wadhams Gas Station building located in West Allis, Wisconsin. It is on the northwest corner of 76th Street and National Avenue. The building is being kept up in very nice condition, though there are no pump islands, due possibly to the expansion of the streets. There is a church and parking lot for that are seen in the background. 07-06

(Below) More photos of the Wadhams Gas Station, including interior shots.


Wadham Gas view from across street
West Allis, WI
Photo courtesy Vic Eirschele

Wadham Gas interior
West Allis, WI
Photo courtesy Vic Eirschele

Wadham Gas more interior
West Allis, WI
Photo courtesy Vic Eirschele



DX Gas
Kennett, MO
Photo courtesy Doug Harvey

Here's an old sign from a DX gas station, found in Kennett, MO. 12-06














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