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Sherman Bowling Center
Muskegon, Michigan
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Michigan is home to the Sherman Bowling Center. For a great Kodak neon moment, stand outside the Sherman neon marquee and watch the "bar" sign revolve. Just don't get hypnotized.





Do Ri Me Lanes (Removed)
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

A real roadside find, Do Ri Me Bowling Lanes in Richmond, Indiana made our weary roadside traveler "swallow their tongue!" With a marquee like this, who can blame them? If you're in the area, stop by for a few $1 games of bowling.


UPDATE 07/03 : The Do Ri Me bowling alley sign in Centerville, IN disappeared this year. The bowling alley is still there, but they've put up a boring little generic sign in the place of that wonderful old sign. Many thanks to Ken Bailey for update. 07-03



Gage Bowl
Topeka, KS
Photo courtesy Greg West

The Gage Bowl is a complete fun center as its neon lit marquee states. This bowl is located in Topeka, KS.



Capri Lanes
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Michael Sekeres

Here's the Capri Lanes and its fantastic neon lettering located in North Columbus.



Luxury Lanes
Ferndale, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The marquee at Luxury Lanes calls out that "bowling is fun for everyone". Check out the red swooping arrow and the neon on this marquee in Ferndale, MI. 04-01





Evergreen Towers Bowl (Demolished)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1990

Housed in the rear of a massive building, this 32 lane bowling alley called Evergreen Towers Bowl contained a lounge and a billiard parlor. A mattress store, optometrist and P.J. Flaherty's night club occupied the front part of the building. Three neon signs graced the building, two of them can be seen in this photo.

This night shot taken in 1990 advertises Hawks, Bulls and Bears on the big screen TV. Evergreen Towers closed in 1994 when business declined. Eventually the other tenants either closed or were evicted. The building was demolished in 1995 to make room for Aldi Food Store. 04-07









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