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Bowling Alleys Midwest

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Lakeshore Lanes
Ashtabula, OH
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Lake Shore Lanes in Ashtabula, OH is a still remaining ten pin alley that is going strong. 03-06




Mr Bill's Bowling Center
Columbus, OH
Photo courtesy Sol Bermann

Check out this old sign for Mr. Bill's Bowling Center, located in Columbus, OH. 04-06



Evergreen Towers Bowl (Demolished)
Evergreen Park, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi / 1990

Housed in the rear of a massive building, this 32 lane bowling alley called Evergreen Towers Bowl contained a lounge and a billiard parlor. A mattress store, optometrist and P.J. Flaherty's night club occupied the front part of the building. Three neon signs graced the building, two of them can be seen in this photo.

The White Way Sign Company provided this sign for the east side of the building advertising Towers Lounge. The bowling ball on top was motorized and an 8 ball was painted on the other side. 04-07



Maplewood Bowling Lanes (Closed)
Chicago, IL
Photo and info courtesy Bruce R. Cassi

Like many other Chicago bowling alleys, Maplewood Bowling Lanes shut their doors in the mid 1990's. The sign structure was repainted brown and reused by the next business, minus the bowling pin of course. This one was manufactured by Lynch Sign Company. 06-07



Treaty Lanes
Greenville, OH
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Check out the old sign for Treaty Lanes, a ten pin alley found in Greenville, OH. 09-08



Cressmoor Lanes
Hobart, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

Cressmoor Lanes in Hobart, IN features a gem of a marquee as it invites those looking to bowl a game or two. 10-08



Dunes Bowl
Gary, IN
Photo courtesy Kevin Heggi

The Dunes Bowl in Gary, IN shows off its theme based marquee. This Dunes sign looks as if it was a sister to one of the old classic ones from Vegas. 10-08











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