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Bowling Alleys Midwest

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Silver Bar Bowl
Garden City, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Silver Bar Bowl of Garden City, MI looks like an old time bowling alley. Wonder what kinds of stories could be told of this place's history. 04-01





Luxury Lanes Marquee
Ferndale, MI
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

The Luxury Lanes Bowl advertises the line "Bowling is fun for everyone." If the look of the sign means anything, this bowling alley is indeed fun for everyone.

The side wall of the Luxury Lanes is decorated in interesting and bright colors. 04-01



Pin-up Bowl
St Louis, MO
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Pin-up Bowl in St Louis, MO is a new era bowling alley. By the looks of the marquee atop the roof, this bowling alley was built along the same lines as its predecessors. 10-05



Bel Air Bowl (Closed)
Belleville, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

The Bel Air Bowl in Belleville, IL still sports its marquee advertising its 24 lanes and lounge area. 10-05


UPDATE 10-07 : The Bel Air Bowl is now closed. See below for more info. Many thanks to Dennis Dixson for update. 10-07





Panorama Lanes (Closed/ Now the Bel-Air)
Belleville, IL
Photo courtesy Dennis Dixson

Here's a rather colorful sign at the Panorama Lanes. This bowling alley marquee is a great example of a roadside treasure that has fought the test of time. 10-05


UPDATE 10-07 : The Panorama Lanes bowling alley in Belleville, IL is now Bel-Air Bowl. There was another Bel-Air Bowling Lanes on the other side of town which closed and moved in place of the Panorama Bowl. They remodeled the neon sign which brought it back to life but in my opinion it is not quite as nice. More info can be found at http://www.belairbowl.com/. Many thanks to Dennis Dixson for update. 10-07










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