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Ruins and Relics Midwest


Leach Building
Clio, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Leach Building is an old main street storefront looking type of place found in the town of Clio, MI. 07-09



Mexican Town Bakery
Detroit, MI
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out the Mexican Town Bakery of Detroit, MI. This bakery is located on Vernor Highway on the north edge of Mexican Town of southwest Detroit. 07-09



Lionel Dealership
Dolton, IL
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Just up the road from the Pizza by Geneo in Dolton, IL we came across the old Lionel dealer. This was not actually a vintage sign. We talked to the owner who mentioned that this shop opened in 1941 and had been moved from across the street in the town of Phoenix. The place had not been updated since the shop moved and originally they also repaired TV's and radios. The store was loaded with vintage Lionel trains. The original sign outside was a backlit plastic affair for TV repair but he told us kids kept throwing rocks at it so he had someone make up this Lionel sign and no one has tossed a rock at it yet. 11-09



Logansport, IN
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

Check out this roadside sight found off the highway in Logansport. Yes, this is a semi made out of roof shingles. 11-09





Etna Elevator Co.
Etna Green, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss


Located in the town of Etna Green, IN is this ancient grain elevator, every bit a symbol of the Midwest. Unfortunately someone had tacked some aluminum on one side of the tower. 02-10

(Left) Another view of this Etna grain elevator in Etna Green



Grain Silo
Okalona, IN
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Okalona! That's not to be confused with the musical Oklahoma! Okalona is so small, the downtown is made up of a bar and these grain silos. Here are the photos of the grain elevators taken in a lonely Midwestern farming town on a cold winter night. 02-10



Culvers Barn
Huntington, IN
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

Here's a photo of a barn located just outside of Huntington, Indiana with a billboard for Culver's (fast food restaurant) across the side. It is the only barn I ever saw painted for a modern business rather than the classic Chew Mailpouch Tobacco or See Ruby Falls on the side. This is actually painted on the wall rather than a vinyl advertisement as we see on most billboards today.

Last Sunday in mid-November when I drove by it was a pile or rubble. I was kind of shocked because as barns go this was not in bad condition, and being off the road, it is not in an area that would be ripe building plazas or chain stores. Could it have been nailed by the winds a few weeks ago? 11-10










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