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Here are the Lost Treasures from the Midwestern states. This section will feature some of the lost treasures of the road, surpassed by time, and perhaps all but forgotten.

40 Winks Motel
Columbus, OH

Gone: ?
Remains: Motel One





Alamo Motel
Columbus, OH

Gone: ?
Remains: ?

Barnum School
Birmingham, MI

Gone: 2008
Remains: Institution

Brer Rabbit Motel Sign
Villa Park, IL

Gone: 2008
Remains: Plastic sign

Gorilla Villa
Gravois Mills, MO

Gone: 2011
Remains: None

Haft Motel
Reynoldsburg, OH

Gone: ?
Remains: Residential housing

Kahiki Supper Club
Columbus, OH

Gone: 2000
Remains: None

Lafayette Building
Detroit, MI

Gone: 2009
Remains: Historic Building

Miles Drive-in Theatre
Cleveland, OH

Spotlight Year: 2007
Category: Drive-in Theatre

Rest a While Motel
Sault Ste Marie, MI

Gone: ?
Remains: Overgrown lot

Seville Motel Sign
Royal Oak, MI

Gone: 2007?
Remains: Backlit plastic

Skyline Motel
Columbus, OH

Gone: ?
Remains: ?

Stars Motel
Chicago, IL

Gone: 2006
Remains: Unknown

Stewart's Root Beer Stand
Mansfield, OH

Gone: 2012
Remains: Unknown

Tiger Stadium
Detroit, MI

Spotlight Year: 2008
Category: Ruins and Relics






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