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Other Roadside Motels Midwest

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Holiday Motel
Centralia, IL
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

Motels with names like "holiday" seem to flash memories back to cross country trip in the wagon. Or do they? This Holiday Motel features a quite large boomerang that can't help but draw your attention into the front door. With modern amenities like TV and air conditioning, how can you resist. 07-11



Riverside Motel
Beloit, WI
Photo courtesy Kelly Sullivan

The Riverside Motel has a neon sign that's quite eye-catching despite not having any fancy shapes, lettering, or boomerangs. Must be the colors. Oh wait, it's because this is a "modern" motel. 07-11



Pine-Glo Motel
Eagle River, WI
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Here's the marquee for the Pine-Glo Motel in Eagle River. Word is that the motel is now closed. 01-13



Ambassador Motel
Saute Ste Marie, ON Canada
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

This fine looking marquee is home to the Ambassador Motel in Saute Ste Marie. The sign display says it all. "Do you really want to drive any further?" Classic! 06-14


The Diplomat Motel
Saute Ste Marie, ON Canada
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Another motel found in Saute Ste Marie is The Diplomat Motel. The sign looks rather formal and prestigious, befitting a name like the diplomat. 06-14



Downtown Motel
Saute Ste Marie, ON Canada
Photo courtesy Alan Culley

Motels with the name Downtown Motel are usually found in downtown areas. Find that on Wikipedia. The Downtown Motel in Saute Ste Marie features vertical lettering with neon that appears to be in good condition. 06-14













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