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Roadside Eateries Pacific Northwest
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Harvey's Tavern
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the glowing bunny at Harvey's Tavern and more at Roadside Peek's Roadside Taverns Pacific Northwest.



Hill's Cafe
Photo courtesy Van

Drop by a small cafe and see the interesting signage at Roadside Peek's Roadside Cafes Pacific Northwest.



Twin Tee Pees
Photo courtesy Don Whitten

Looking to relax or check out the interesting signage of the restaurants in the Pacific Northwest? How about the former Twin Tee Pees? Then see Roadside Peek's Sit Down Restaurants Pacific Northwest.



Frisko Freeze
Photo courtesy Mike

Grab and snack and check out the refreshing sights in the Pacific Northwest at Roadside Peek's Snacks and Stuff Pacific Northwest.



Dick's Hamburgers
Photo courtesy Mike

Looking to see what's going on in the burger world... the world of greasy joints and quick service? Well, these greasy spoons are still as busy as they ever have been and the burger joints in the Pacific Northwest are not different. The Pacific Northwest and its burger places are here at Roadside Peek's Burger Joints Pacific Northwest.



Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the coffee shop hangouts and more at Roadside Peek's Coffee Shops Pacific Northwest.



Lee's Cafe
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Check out signage from the restaurants of the orient at Roadside Peek's Foods of the Orient Pacific Northwest.



Republic Cafe
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

How about the neon eateries of the Pacific Northwest. The glow from the roadside eateries still has the magic of capturing the eyes of hungry drivers Check them out here at Roadside Peek's Neon Eateries Pacific Northwest.




Muchas Gracias
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

Check out some of the old drive-in eateries in town. See them at Roadside Peek's Drive-in Eateries Pacific Northwest.



Andy's Diner
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy John Spencer

Here's a real old style diner in Seattle. Andy's Diner still serves a hot meal right off the roadside. Check out the mid-century look and sign of the building. See them at Roadside Peek's Roadside Diners Pacific Northwest.



Hi-way Grille
Ellensburg, WA
Photo and info courtesy Van

Here's a sign for the Hi-way Grille that was a landmark in Ellensburg WA for decades. The restaurant was torn down in the late '80s and some local guy saved the sign, erecting it outside his house just out of town. It looks like it's got a recent repaint, but in its neon-lit glory it was something to see. See them at Roadside Peek's Fast Food Joints Pacific Northwest.



Hot Dog Haus
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jeff Raber

The Hot Dog Haus in Portland is an A-framed structure with a drive-thru in the back. This place looks to be quite the roadside stop. Check them out at Roadside Peek's Avenue of the Dogs Pacific Northwest.









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