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Sit Down Restaurants Pacific Northwest
Twin TeePees


Chieftain Restaurant
Tacoma, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out this totem pole sign for the Chieftain Restaurant in Tacoma, WA. If the pole doesn't catch the motorists attention, the character detail on top of the marquee will.



The Homestead
Tacoma, WA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

How about The Homestead in Tacoma and its red barn look of a place.





Bomber Restaurant
Milwaukie, OR
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Back in 1947, Art Lacey started up the McLoughlin gas station which sat below a WWII bomber plane. Although the gas station is no longer there, an eatery called the Bomber Restaurant sits next to the plane featuring fine hot foods that sit well during cold days.




Twin TeePees Restaurant (Gone)
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Don Whitten

An interesting roadside attraction is the Twin TeePees Restaurant on Seattle's Aurora Avenue or Hwy 99 which proclaims itself as "serving the best breakfast in town." This setup was prefabricated in California and trucked to this site on the Pacific Coast Highway in 1934.


UPDATE 2000 : The Twin Teepees, here in Seattle, has "gone to that great short order grill in the sky." Yes, this place was leveled at the end of July 2000. Many thanks to Mike Fuller for update.

UPDATE : They had a big fire a couple of years ago and the place closed down for good-a real loss for Seattle, as it was one of the most distinctive restaurants in town in terms of its looks, and the food wasn't bad either. Many thanks to Janna Silverstein for update.



Golden Pheasant Restaurant
Photo courtesy Van

Colorful and attention grabbing, the Golden Pheasant Restaurant stays true to its name and features a multi-colored pheasant on its marquee. If you're ever passing through Sunnyside, be sure to pay this bird a visit.



Safari Restaurant
Photo courtesy Van

It's the Safari Restaurant from Sunnyside, WA. The signage sports a fantastic Polynesian theme throughout. Just take a look at the detail on the shield. You may end up paying a visit inside and sample some local entertainment after marveling at this sight.













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