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Roadside Cafes Pacific Northwest


Hong Kong Cafe
Grants Pass, OR
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

The Hong Kong Cafe in Grants Pass, OR features an old roadside sign with half-working neon. This sign still retains its character during a gloomy day. 03-06



Ferguson's Fountain Cafe
Spokane, WA
Photo and info courtesy Josh Hudgens / 2007

Ferguson's Cafe's claim to fame was being in the movie "Benny and Joon". 07-07



Wheel Cafe
Morton, WA
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

The Wheel Cafe is one of the roadside businesses that features a great sign. The Wheel Cafe is located in downtown Morton, WA. 01-09



The 5 Point Cafe
Seattle, WA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

Check out the eye-catching 5 Point Cafe in Seattle. The 5 Point opened its doors back in 1929 by C. Preston Smith and his wife Frances. According to The 5 Point Cafe website, business started booming after prohibition ended in 1933 and the 5 Point Cafe is now the "longest run family eatery in Seattle and the oldest bar still in existence in Belltown". 08-09



Flying Boots Cafe
Tacoma, WA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Here's a nice sign with an equally unique name. The Flying Boots Cafe depicts a neon boot with wings on its very descriptive sign atop the roof. Signs like these are what makes traveling the road interesting and this Tacoma landmark does not disappoint. 02-10










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