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Foods of the Orient Pacific Northwest


Ming Wah Restaurant
Spokane, WA
Photo and info courtesy Josh Hudgens / 2007

The Ming Wah is a typical old Chinese restaurant, having seen better days, but still going. 07-07



Peking Garden
Spokane, WA
Photo and info courtesy Josh Hudgens / 2007

The Peking Garden sign is interesting, in that the building itself had burned down, was razed, and the lot was left empty for a long time, but the sign remained. The restaurant was then rebuilt and the sign re-energized. 07-07



Hung Far Low
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jeffrey Cook / 2005

Here's a Portland eatery called Hung Far Low that's features chop suey. 11-07


UPDATE 12/08 : This sign for the Hung Far Low restaurant has been removed. However, word is the sign has been taken down to be repaired. This sign dates back to 1928. According to a Portland Mercury article, the sign should be put back up afterwards but nothing is certain due to the costs. 12-08



Ming Tree
Shelton, WA
Photo courtesy E Echtle

This neon sign at the Ming Tree Restaurant in Shelton, WA still stands out along the roadside. Located on Railroad Avenue in Shelton, the Ming Tree has reportedly been in business and serving up its Chinese American cuisine since 1952. 04-09




Golden Dragon Portland ORGolden Dragon
Portland, OR
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

Golden Dragon Portland ORThe Golden Dragon Restaurant in Portland, OR features not one but two eye-catching signs. The Buffet marquee on top of the roof looks rather weathered. The green sign to the near right also looks rather long for wear as it advertises the Golden Dragon chop suey and cocktails. 09-10

(Near right) The chop suey sign

(Far right) The blade buffet sign




Golden Pheasant (Closed)
Sunnyside, WA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Welcome to the Golden Pheasant restaurant in Sunnyside, WA. This sign is worth a trip to Sunnyside to see and is located next door to the tiki themed Safari restaurant. The Golden Pheasant opened for business in 1952 then was destroyed by a fire in 1972. 11-10


UPDATE 09/17 : The restaurant remains closed. The Golden Pheasant shut its doors in 2010. 09-17












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