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Drive-in Theatres Rocky Mountains


Motor Vu
Parma, ID
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's a shot of the marquee at the Motor Vu Drive-in theatre in Parma, ID. Built in the 1950's, the Motor Vu is still showing movies to adventuring ozoners.





Holiday Drive-in (Closed)
Boulder, CO
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Holiday Drive-in Theatre was once the place to go for a drive-in movie. The twin screens served the community from1969 to 1988. The marquee was first built at a different site in 1950 and is just about all that's left of this treasure.

The Holiday Drive-in marquee has been designate a historic landmark. A non-profit organization called Boulder Housing Partners is requesting donations to support their restoration effort of this marquee.

Holiday Drive-in marquee
Boulder, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken



UPDATE 02/10 : Here's another photo of the Holiday Drive-in Theatre sign, located off of U.S. Highway 36 in Boulder. This old marquee was saved by the redevelopers who built the thing behind the sign as well as hundreds of other lofts, etc. Many thanks to Robin McCracken for info and photo update. 02-10



North Star Drive-in Theatre
Ogden, UT
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out the marquee for the North Star Drive-in Theatre. This former two-screener opened in 1962 and closed in the August 1998. More info can be found at this site. 09-06

(Far left) The blank marquee at the North Star Drive-in

(Near left) A close-up look a the star on the marquee



Cinderella Twin Drive-in Theatre (Demolished)
Englewood, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Here's the Cinderella Twin Drive-in Theatre of Englewood, CO. The drive-in firest opened for business in 1973 with two screens. Word is the drive-in may have shown its last picture show this past summer. 11-07




(Near right) A view of a speaker post and screen

(Far right) A single car awaits the start of the movie in broad daylight at the Cinderella Twin

UPDATE 12/08 : The Cinderella Twin Drive-in Theatre indeed showed its final show in 2007 after closing down in late September. According to the Rocky Mountain News, a 316-unit apartment complex was to be built on the property. The Cinderella Twin opened in 1973 but unfortunately didn't make it to four decades. 12-08



Paonia Drive-in Theatre (Closed)
Paonia, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The sign to the left is all that's left of the Paonia Drive-in Theatre located in Colorado. Yes, the Paonia arrow now points down to an empty billboard. 11-07













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