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Drive-in Theatres Rocky Mountains


Motor Vu Drive-in Theatre
Tooele, UT
Photo courtesy Jack Wright

The Motor Vu Drive-in in Utah sits off the main highway with full screen and marquee still intact.



Comanche Drive-in
Buena Vista, CO
Photo courtesy Mike Lascuola

The Comanche has been open every summer since 1967 when it was built. If you're looking to enjoy a movie in the open air, be sure to pay the Comanche a visit.


UPDATE 07/07 : The Comanche is now open and running for the summer. Many thanks to Barb and John for info update. 07-07

UPDATE 06/11 : The Comanche Drive-in closed up after the 2007 season. Many thanks to David Hughes for update. 06-11

UPDATE 12/12 : I just wanted to correct your website in regards to the Comanche Drive-in... it is NOT permanently closed and never has been. Although it is true that it has not run since the summer of '07, this was a temporary "mothballing" due to family issues an the closure was never intended to be permanent.

In fact, the drive in will reopen this Friday (albeit on a limited basis) showing a few classic movies for the remainder of the summer. After they close for the season, they will begin investigating the possibility of converting the projection equipment from 35mm film to digital (an $80k upgrade that may be mandated by the movie studios after 2012 ends) or switching their programming to classic films so that they may continue to remain open using 35mm film. Many thanks to Anthony Vazquez-Hernandez for update in August 2012. 12-12



Echo Drive-in Theatre
Roosevelt, UT
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Echo Drive-in Theatre in Roosevelt, UT was still showing first run movies when these photos were taken. Located at a can't miss location as you enter (or exit) the city, the Echo's red marquee is a sight for sore eyes for the drive-in aficionado.




(Far right) The marquee at the Echo Drive-in Theatre is painted red and is very easy to see off the main boulevard

(Near right) the intact screen tower

Echo Drive-in ticket booth
Roosevelt, UT
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


Snack Bar
Roosevelt, UT
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

To the far left is the ticket booth.




Roosevelt, UT
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The playground was a vital part of drive-ins back in the heyday of the open air cinema. This area kept the kids entertained before the start of the opening feature. The shape of the Echo's playground is a sight that's becoming a rarity these days... the swings and slides were in good shape and operational.









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