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neon eateries rocky mountains


Ray's Tavern
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This eye-catching arrow shows the way into Ray's Tavern in Utah.



Hollywood Bar & Cafe
Photo courtesy Alex Schultz

Check out the Hollywood Bar and Cafe. It's a nice stop in Colorado. The sign still lights up the sky along with the martini glass.




Thunderbird Restaurant
Mt. Carmel, UT
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Here are a couple of shots of the Thunderbird Restaurant located in Mr. Carmel, Utah as it appears at dusk. This marquee on the Thunderbird looks rather amazing at night in all of its neon glory. The Thunderbird dates back to 1931 and is the "Home of the Ho-Made pies".

(Far left) The close up of the fabulous neon Thunderbird sign



Monte Cristo Bar
Trinidad, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

's the neon sign that stands outside of the Monte Cristo Bar in the Trinidad, CO. Trinidad is located just north of the New Mexico border. 11-07



Aly's Fireside Cafe
Walsenburg, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

The neon from Aly's Fireside Cafe lights up the roadside in the town of Walsenburg. It's hard to miss this one as you pass through town. 11-07



Sarti's Bar
Walsenburg, CO
Photo courtesy Larry Glass

Walsenburg, CO is home to Sarti's Bar. The neon sign features Coors. 11-07



Wildcat Saloon
Trinidad, CO
Photo and info courtesy Larry Glass

Check out the neon at the Wildcat Saloon in Trinidad. Patrons were having a "large" time when the photo was taken. 11-07












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