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neon eateries rocky mountains


Larsen's Frostop
St George, UT
Photo courtesy Matthias Tippner

Check out the neon sign at Larsen's Frostop. Larsen's has been a St. George, UT landmark drive-in eatery since 1965, located prominently off of the old Highway 91. The neon sign in the parking lot is enough to turn the head of motorists driving by.

According to an article in The Spectrum, Larsen's Frostop has the look of a popular hangout. Larsen's offers both dine-in and drive-up (and eat in the car) types of service. The menu offered the usual type of fare, including burgers, fries, chicken fingers, and milk shakes. 01-09



Flying V Coffee Shop
Panguitch, UT
Photos courtesy Matthias Tippner

Panguitch, UT is home to the Flying V Coffee Shop. This coffee shop is all decked out in neon. Panguitch is located near Bryce Canyon National Park. 01-09

(Near right) The neon letters prominently calling out "coffee shop"



Taco House Denver COTaco House Neon Sign
Denver, CO
Photos courtesy Robin McCracken

The neon sign really stands out at the Taco House along Federal Way in Denver, CO. The looks of the sign has the neon lettering, sombrero character and lighted edging which really serves to make this sign stand out well. 09-10






Bastien's Denver COBastien's Restaurant
Denver, CO
Photos courtesy Robin McCracken

Bastien's Denver CO
Looking for a good steak while cruising down the main drag called Colfax in Denver? Well take a pit stop at Bastien's Restaurant, which is well known for its good steaks.

The signage and googie restaurant aren't bad either. Bastien's has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to the 5280mod website, the Bastien's building was built in 1959 directly where the Moon Drive-in used to stand. 09-10



Arby's Roast Beef
Denver, CO
Photo courtesy Robin McCracken

Here is a example of Vintage Corporate signage still in use. This restaurant is a newer building. This Arby's hat still glows in Denver, CO. 07-11













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