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Drive-in Eateries Florida


Hob Nob Drive-in
Sarasota, FL
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

The Hob Nob Drive-in on Route 301 is a Sarasota institution. It has been around for over 50 years and is rumored to have the best burgers in town. What is most unique about this diner is that is an open-air eatery. You can smell those onion rings at soon as you pull into the parking lot. It is also a melting pot where all walks of life mingle from bikers to well to do boomers. The name fits perfectly.



Goody Goody (Demolished)
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan

What a good vintage place to chow down while in Florida? Why it's the Goody Goody Drive-in. Still open after many years.


UPDATE 03/07 : The Goody Goody Drive-in eatery in Tampa, FL was torn down in 2006 after closing its doors on November 30, 2005. Open since 1925, the Goody Goody was well known for it burgers and butterscotch pie. Today, the site is just vacant land. Many thanks to Mark Sevigny for update. 03-07

The Drive-in area
Photo courtesy Andy Callahan


Here is the back view of the eating area. Looks like a typical hamburger drive-through, and still in good condition.


UPDATE 12/08 : The Goody Goody was located on Florida Avenue in Tampa. I ate there many times, they also made great milkshakes. The Good Goody was a drugstore too. Walking through the doors was like stepping back in time, as they had merchandise from the 60's and 70's still for sale. Many thanks to Dusty Miller for update. 12-08



Andy's Drive-in Restaurant
Winter Haven, FL
Photo courtesy Dan Percivall

Check out these shots of the Andy's Drive-in Restaurant marquee. This Winter Haven drive-in restaurant located along US 17 has been open and serving hungry roadside travelers since 1952. 06-06

(Far right) A close-up of the Andy's marquee calling out to travelers looking for some eats







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