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Snacks and stuff Florida


Dairy Queen
Bradenton, FL
Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Here's a vintage Dairy Queen located in Bradenton, FL. This locations looks somewhat like a roadside ice cream hut.



Bradenton Donuts
Bradenton, FL
Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Also located in Bradenton, FL is the aptly named Bradenton Donuts. The flying W shaped building along with the vintage sign makes this place a good stop for a coffee and sugar twist.





Carvel Ice Cream
West Palm Beach, FL
Photo and info courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

Carvel Ice Cream has been at 5901 South Dixie Hwy (US1) in West Palm Beach for over 45 years. Check out the ice cream store front.



Nicky's Donut (Closed)
West Palm Beach, FL
Photo courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

Here's a shot of an old roadside donut stand. Nicky's Donut's is located in West Palm beach at 7115 South Dixie Hwy ( US1).

UPDATE 11/09 : Unfortunately all of the letters are now gone off the Nicky's Donut sign and the business is closed. Many thanks to Lorna Galloway for update. 11-09



Pineapple House (Closed)
Lake Placid, FL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

What is an afternoon in Florida without juice? Well, this "Juice Bar" in Lake Placid, Florida won't leave you hanging.


UPDATE 08/06 : This place is no longer active as of the late 90's, they moved to north Lake Placid in 2003, but have now closed. I'm not sure if they'll be reopening or not. They closed down due to the property being sold! It's sad, they had awesome natural drinks! Many thanks to Katrina Carroll for update. 08-06



Twistee Treat
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

After your steak dinner, drop by the Twistee Treats in Sarasota for some genuine roadside ice cream from a joint looking like an ice cream cone. Check out the Twistee in Illinois here and a new one added to Roadside Peek in Ohio.



Twistee Treat
Fort Myers, FL
Photo courtesy Dan Percivall

Off Route 41 in Fort Myers, FL is this roadside stand for the Twistee Treat. 06-06



Dairy Queen
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Photo courtesy Rick Ibsen

This old Dairy Queen still serves its soft serve delights off of Highway 1 in New Smyrna Beach, FL. 09-08











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