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Sit Down Restaurants Florida


Lorito's Italian Kitchen
Ocala, FL
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

You will never whine about not being able to find Lorito's Italian Kitchen on US 40 in Ocala, FL. The Italian eatery has about a 14-foot light up bottle to grab drivers attention. It is outlined in neon complete with a flaming candle stuck in its neck. At the base three animated red, neon arrows point the way to the front door.



Petite Jardin
Ocala, FL
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

When translated, the name Petite Jardin means little garden. And while it is true, the atmosphere is tiny and elegant (only six tables) - the Ocala, FL restaurant is big on taste. It is at the top of the list for those in the area who enjoy fine dining. John Bell is the owner and Executive Chef of the restaurant. He runs it along side his wife Kelly. In the past, John has cooked for President Bush, Margaret Thatcher, and Mike Douglas.



Ranch House Restaurant (Demolished)
Avon Park, FL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Lookin' for a little country cookin'? Then drop by the Ranch House Restaurant in Avon Park, Florida. You'll even get a friendly chef greeting you on the marquee.


UPDATE 08/06 : The Ranch House Restaurant in Avon Park, FL was demolished in 1997 or thereabouts. It is now a CVS pharmacy. Many thanks to Katrina Carroll for update. 08-06



Pine Grove Family Restaurant
Tampa, FL
Photo courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

Here's a marquee for the Pine Grove Family Restaurant in Tampa, FL that's a reminder back to the color scheme Howard Johnson's once used. In the photo on the left, the orange arrow is about the size of a car! In the right photo, check out the snowman in the background. It is not everyday in 90 degree Florida heat that you find frosty! Photo and info courtesy Steve / Back on Tack.



Lake Worth, FL
Photo courtesy Kevin O'Sullivan

Here's a photo of Kristine's, which was built in S. Florida sometime in the 30's. This deco delight looks to still be in good condition.





South Bar-B-Q
Clewiston, FL
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Stop by Clewiston and you can grab some great old south Bar-B-Q at the Old South Bar-B-Q Ranch. You can also visit with strange characters waiting to greet you outside.









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