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Neon motels southeast

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Thunderbird Motor Inn
Dillon, SC
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Near the South of the Border, south on I95 stands the Thunderbird Motel. Both South of the Border and the Thunderbird were fortunate enough to have I95 aligned past them. They're both on I95 and Route 301.



Catalina Motel
Lexington, KY
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The neon lettering for the Catalina Motel in Lexington, KY lights up this roadside.



Olsson Motel
Mobile, AL
Photo courtesy Phil Proctor

Check out this gem of a neon display on the Olsson Motel in Mobile, AL. 04-06



Blue Ridge Motor Lodge
Asheville, NC
Photo courtesy Doug Harvey

Asheville, North Carolina is also home to the Blue Ridge Motor Lodge and this neon lit sign. 09-06






Mountaineer Inn
Asheville, NC
Photo courtesy Doug Harvey

The Mountaineer Inn is a neon gem. This motel found in Asheville, NC features a large "mountaineer" prominently on its neon lit sign that can be seen off the road. 09-06



Mount Vue Motel
Asheville, NC
Photo courtesy Doug Harvey

The Mount Vue Motel has its vacancy letters lit up. 09-06



Rochambeau Motel
Williamsburg, VA
Photo courtesy Kevin Powers

The neon letters for the Rochambeau Motel still lights up in Williamsburg, VA. 06-07














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