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Mac's Indian Village | Robert E Lee Motel | Wigwam Village


Wigwam Village
Cave City, KY
Photos courtesy Wiley Brewer

The Wigwam Village in Cave City, KY features a fantastic neon marquee out front. Not to mention the rarity of seeing a motel with rosoms in the shape of a tee pee.

For more photos and information, see Roadside Peek's Spotlight on the Wigwam Village in Cave City..



11-70 Motor Courts
Knoxville, TN
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

Yes, there are still rooms for rent at the 11-70 Motor Courts in Knoxville, TN. Off the 40, not sure if this motor court still serves as a roadside stop for a tired traveler.



White Horse Motel
Biscoe, NC
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the White Horse Motel in Biscoe, NC. Check out this unique type of marquee outside the motel. The sign appears very clean and spotless. Not sure what the motel's like though.




(Far left) Biltmore Tourist Court
Knoxville, TN
Photo courtesy Dirk Burhans

The Biltmore Tourist Court's sign stands tall in Knoxville, TN and points a person into the waiting office.

(Near left) Biltmore Tourist Court
Knoxville, TN
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

The Biltmore Tourist Court dates back to 1949 on US70/11 in Knoxville TN. It has been closed for many years and the units are being used for storage now, however the old sign still remains. 03-06



Robins Motel
Warner Robins, GA
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

The Robins Motel is on a strip that follows some railroad tracks in Warner Robins, Georgia. Several shacks lined the tracks such as bars and convenience stores before there were chains. Directly across the street was Robin's Air Force base - a huge facility which seemed on high alert. Six sheriffs cars were parked out front and a constant stream of cars were entering the base. A large bomber was circling overhead. It was a very apocalyptic scene given recent events.



Peach Blossom Motel
Spartanburg, SC
Photo and info courtesy Steve/Back on Tack

The Peach Blossom Motel sits on Business 85 through Spartanburg in upstate SC. The neon writing seems almost overshadowed by what looks like a boat mast of light bulbs off one side. Right next door is the motel itself complete with a lit up flower. Peaches are big in this section of the state.












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