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Mountaineer Inn
Asheville, NC
Photo and info courtesy Doug Harvey

The old Mountaineer Inn along U.S. 70 in Asheville, NC has served many a traveler since the 1950's. 08-06



Perry Plaza Motel
Hot Springs, AR
Photos and info courtesy Tony Craig

This marquee is found at the Perry Plaza Motel, located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The motel didn't look open. 02-07



Star Motel
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

This star shaped sign sits appropriately in front of the Star Motel located off this Kentucky street. 10-07





OK Court (Closed)
Bonneville, KY
Photo courtesy Emily Steele

The OK Court, located off the Dixie Highway in Bonneville, KY, still features its old roadside sign. 10-07






Grand Motel
Dentsville, SC
Photos and info courtesy Richard Weiss

In Dentsville was the Grand Motel sign. Talking to the owner, this place had for some time been a rent by the hour motel. He was slowly restoring the motel back to a normal family place and intends to have the sign brought back to it's 1950's look. According to an old postcard picture, the star is not original. He turned on the neon so I could see how it looked. He wants to replace the flashing bulbs in the star with LED's and said the old blinking bulbs need to be replaced far too often. 02-08

(Far left) A good shot of the Grand Motel and its star

(Near left) A look at the neon lit letters on the marquee



Martonian Motel
Cherokee, NC
Photo and info courtesy Richard Weiss

The Martonian Motel was largely abandoned and surrounded by overgrowth as its sign stood bravely in Cherokee, NC. 03-08



Soco Valley Motel
Cherokee, NC
Photo courtesy Richard Weiss

The Soco Valley Motel is also found in Cherokee, NC. From the looks of the sign, the motel marquee's neon is a long gone. 03-08











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