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Roadside Taverns Arizona


Kingman Club (Closed)
Kingman, AZ
Photo courtesy Allen Sandquist

Here's the Kingman Club of Kingman, AZ. The club opened ini 1944. Featuring a couple of martini glasses next to a neon sign, the Kingman Club can be found just a block off of Route 66.

Kingman Club marquee - another shot
Kingman, AZ
Photo courtesy Kelly Coalier


UPDATE 10/08 : The Kingman Club is closed and for sale. 10-08



Ye Olde Lantern (Closed)
Tucson, AZ
Photo courtesy Jay Villa

The Ye Olde Lantern still look to be doing well off the main drag in Tucson.


UPDATE 03/06 : The Ye Olde Lantern has shut down after over 80 years as a restaurant and almost 50 in its current iteration. The Elks Lodge has purchased the building after the owners decided to move out of state. 03-06



Cotton's Wonder Bar
Casa Grande, AZ
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Cotton's Wonder Bar features a marquee with colors that are a wonder of its own. Fortunately, the package goods here are cooled by refrigeration. Cotton's was originally built and known as McNatt's Wonder Bar in 1934 prior to moving to its existing location in 1940.



10 12 Lounge
Cottonwood, AZ
Photo courtesy M.C. Morrissey


Check out the 10 12 Lounge in Arizona and its neon sign out front.

There's always more liquor available here.





UPDATE 08/13 : Here's a more recent photo of the 10-12 Lounge in Clarkdale. Many thanks to Tony Craig for photo


10 12 Lounge
Clarkdale, AZ
Photo courtesy Tony Craig








Sultana Bar
Williams, AZ
Photo courtesy Jodey Elsner

Route 66Here's the "world famous" Sultana Bar located off Route 66 in Williams, AZ. The Sultana Bar originally opened in 1906.


Sultana Bar sign close-up
Photo courtesy Tim Hewett


Williams, AZ
Photo courtesy Paul Bauke

Route 66Here's another shot of this sign calling out "package goods" and "cocktails." This sign is found off of Route 66 in the Entrance to the Grand Canyon town of Williams, AZ. 08-06











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