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Drive-in Eateries Central California


Sno-white Drive-in (Removed)
McFarland, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Sno-White Drive-in eatery still features an interesting roadside sign off the 99. This sign looks like it may have had sisters and brothers as there's a very similar sign for a Sno-White Drive-in located in Riverbank.


UPDATE 12/08 : The Sno-White Drive-in marquee has been removed and replaced by this tall plain sign. It also appears that there was a small change in the spelling of the business name from "Sno-white: to "Snow White".

The design of the building and patio area remain the same, even as the old faded out sign in the back slowly fades away to illegibility. 12-08

Snow White Drive-in
McFarland, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com


(Far right) The new marquee hanging off the roadside shows off the slight name change as it replaces the former marquee that had much more character

(Near right) The largely intact restaurant area for the Snow White Drive-in in McFarland, CA



Three Brothers Drive-in
Pixley, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Here's the Three Brothers Drive-in, located in the Central California town of Pixley. Although, this location is a bit hard to find off the 99, you may wish to make a point to stop and at least survey the menu.



Angelo's Drive-in
Fresno, CA
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Check out Angelo's Drive-in in Fresno, CA. Angelo's first opened its doors in 1954. This drive-in eatery features the old time drive-up parking, and the marquee atop the roof will catch the eye of any hungry travelers passing through this area of town. 02-06

UPDATE 09/17 : Angelo's Drive-in shut-down after 60 years in business in April 2014. This burger joint was a victim of California's high-speed rail initiative that forced the closure and demolition of property along the old 99 highway in many places.The property was leveled and became a dirt lot. 09-17



Jolly Kone Drive-in
Wasco, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

The Central California town of Wasco is home to the Jolly Kone Drive-in. Look for this sign with a cone and burger the next time you pass through town. 12-10











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