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Other Roadside Motels California Desert

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Town House Lodge
Brawley, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Town House Lodge is an old sign that's located off the road in Brawley. Or at least it used to be. 10-08








Henning Motel
Bagdad, CA
Photos courtesy Brad & Lori Bristow

Route 66As you travel along Route 66, an faded motel marquee beckons in the desert light. The sign advertises the Henning Motel, which still appears to features intact motel rooms, unlike the the motel and cafe sign above. The Henning Motel is located across from the Bagdad Cafe from the movie of the same name and also frequently hosts film crews. 11-09

(Far right) A close-up shot of the the Henning Motel marquee

(Near right) The Henning Motel off of Route 66



Motel and Cafe Sign
Ludlow, CA
Photo courtesy Brad & Lori Bristow

Route 66This old faded out and bent sign advertises a cafe and motel out in the middle of the Mojave. From the looks of the area around this sign, the structures are long gone though the marquee still remains. 11-09



Brant's Motel (Closed)
Barstow, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Route 66The rather large and red marquee for Brant's Motel is an eye-catcher of a sign in its own right for travelers passing through the town of Barstow. Whether on their way too and from Las Vegas or Route 66, the Brant's Motel is a familiar sight to any msotorist familiar with the main drag of Barstow.

Well, another familiar roadside sight has just disappeared. After being declared a public nuisance by the Barstow City Council in March, the motel sign was removed from Main Street on April 22, 2010. According to the Desert Dispatch, the motel had been damaged by fire in 2006 and closed. 04-10



Cactus Motel Barstow CACactus Motel
Barstow, CA
Photo courtesy John King

Route 66The marquee for the Cactus Motel still stands along Route 66 in Barstow, CA. 09-10













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