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Historic Hotels Northern California


Sutter Hotel
Oakland, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

Here's another of the historic hotels that dot Oakland. The Sutter Hotel still features is vertical marquee intact. These are the types of building and historic hotels that are being renovated into lofts over the past few years. It still remains to be seen what the impact of this recent trend to permanent living space will have on both the fabric of downtown's and the roadside.



Plaza Hotel
Watsonville, CA
Photo courtesy Devil Doll

The Plaza Hotel in Watsonville features the block hotel lettering on the front facade.



Flamingo Hotel
Santa Rosa, CA
Photo courtesy Heather David

The Flamingo Hotel opened in June 1957.  After a near 20 year absence, the hotel’s spinning neon bird was returned to its perch on top of an 85-foot pedestal sign in May 1997. 09-08



Oliver Hotel
Santa Rosa, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

The Oliver Hotel is located in Santa Rosa, CA. The hotel still features an old faded out sign. 10-09



Hotel Petaluma
Petaluma, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

Here's the entrance and sign for the Hotel Petaluma, located north of San Francisco. The hotel itself as founded in 1923 and survives to this day. 12-10







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