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Liquor Store Signage Northern California


Excelsior Liquors
San Francisco, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

Travel down Mission St. in San Francisco and you'll eventually run into Excelsior Wine & Liquors. This liquor store appears to have been located in the neighborhood for years. 11-09



Paris Theatre Portland ORDrive-in Liquor (Gone)
Auburn, CA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser

This liquor store marquee for Drive-in Liquor not only features a rather prominent rooftop sign but some interesting illustrations on its sign to boot. Here you see a skier going down the slopes right next to a huge image of a liquor bottle. Must make for some interesting skiing. 09-10


UPDATE 11/17 : The sign is now gone as the area has been redone. It appears that a smoke shop has taken it place. Lou Labonte's Restaurant next door closed down in November 2014 after 68 years. 11-17






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