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Sit Down Restaurants Southern California


Genio's Restaurant (Closed)
Burbank, CA
Photo courtesy Tony Craig

Genio's Restaurant in Burbank features fine Italian food and looks to have been business for quite awhile. This sign looks like it also has been around for quite sometime.


UPDATE 03/08 : Genio's in Burbank, CA closed last year. Everything was auctioned off and the site was to be turned into a social security office. Many thanks to Missy Buettner for update. 03-08



Colonial Kitchen
San Marino, CA
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo


Check out this old roadside establishment for the Colonial Kitchen. Best of all, this place looks like it opens quite early.

(Far left) The neon sign at the Colonial Kitchen in San Marino

(Near left) The colonial look appropriately fits the aptly named Colonial Kitchen



Sambo's Restaurant
Photo courtesy Georg Balandran

Here's an interesting sign from the recent restaurant past. Yes, it's Sambo's Restaurant. Once a chain that was quite common in the Southern California area, Sambo's seemed to meet its demise in the 1980's.


UPDATE 09/10 : As of September 11, 2010, the Sambo's in Santa Barbara, California is still open and doing well. Many thanks to Tony Alvarez for update. 09-10



Chris & Pitts
Downey, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

The Chris & Pitts Bar B Q on Lakewood Boulevard in Downey is another famous site. Ever need an extra helping of Bar-B-Q sauce on your chicken or steak? Just climb the pole outside and grab for the bottle. Most Chris & Pitts locations are unique in how they display their signage. This location in Downey is no exception and is a fun place to stop while visiting the historic McDonald's up the street.




Perino's (Demolished)
Hollywood, CA
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo


From the glory days of Hollywood. Perino's on Wilshire Boulevard was the place where a great Italian meal could be had for 75 cents per person for lunch, $1.50 for dinner. Unfortunately,Perino's is history as of 2004.

Perino's, a 30's landmark who's heyday may have come and gone, but is not forgotten. Perino's originally closed down in 1986 and had been at this location since 1950. The site of Perino's is to become luxury apartments.









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