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Other Roadside Motels Southern California

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Glen Capri Motel
Glendale, CA
Photos courtesy Anand Desai

The Glen Capri is an old roadside motel still standing in Glendale, CA. 07-07



Rose Bowl Motel (Gone)
Pasadena, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb

This old sign used to grace the Rose Bowl Motel in Pasadena. 11-07



Skylark Motel
Riverside, CA
Photo courtesy Scott Strickland

This sign for the Skylark Motel seems to be an eye-catcher even though upon closer inspection it's pretty basic. Perhaps is the angled lettering or the little boomerang arrow on the sign. 10-09



New Corral Motel Victorville CANew Corral Motel
Victorville, CA
Photo courtesy John King

Here's the often photographed New Corral Motel marquee on Route 66 in Victorville. The New Corral is well known for its depiction of a horse on its sign, a horse that is patterned after none other than Trigger of Roy Rogers fame. The New Corral Motel opened in 1947 and is still a busy motel along the Mother Road. 09-10



New Corral Motel Victorville CAPalm Tropics Motel
Glendora, CA
Photo courtesy John King

The Palm Tropics Motel is a survivor. Even with construction going on around around it along Route 66, the Palm Tropics and its neon sign still can be found blazing away. 09-10




El Royale Motel
Studio City, CA
Photo courtesy Rod Holcomb


Check out the signage at the El Royale Motel in Studio City, CA. This motel features multiple neon signs that appears to have attracted weary roadside travelers for many years. 11-10

(Far left) The tall marquee for the El Royale Motel in Studio City

(Near left) A look at the sign that hovers over the entranceway to the motel lot









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