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Other Roadside Motels Southern California

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Cowboy Motel
Photo courtesy Matt Bamberg

Looking for a rather friendly cowboy on a motel marquee? Well, don't forget to stop when you see this one for the "Cowboy" Motel.



Dunes Motel
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Here's a nice shot of the Dunes Motel that used to grace Rosemead Blvd. in Pico Rivera. As a matter of fact, the two motels seen below were in the same cluster of mid-century lodging in the Pico area.



Ric's Starlite Lodge (Gone)
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Ric's Starlite Lodge used to feature a googie type of marquee out front of a classic 50's/60's era motel.



Sky Villa Motel (Gone)
Pico Rivera, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

To the left is an artist's rendering of the Sky Villa Motel complex that once upon a time was a resort looking space in Pico Rivera.



Midwick Motor Hotel
Monterey Park, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

Here are a couple of old mid-century motels still dotting the Monterey Park area.

The Midwick Motor Hotel is a reminder from the past when many of the old motels were commonly referenced to as motor hotels.



The View Motel
Monterey Park, CA
Photo courtesy Sal Garcia

The View Motel still features its roadside sign. The colors scream mid-century and arrow points the way in.





May-Lane Motel
La Crescenta, CA
Photo courtesy Adriene Biondo

Check out the May Lane Motel in La Crescenta with its marquee in full neon glory. Better yet, catch the vintage Olds out front.


UPDATE 04/05 : The May Lane Motel was sold back in 2002 and is now the La Crescenta Motel. There’s also going to be a public hearing regarding a proposal to bulldoze the whole thing. Many thanks to Diana Scherff for update. 04-05

UPDATE 08/06 : For anyone wondering the latest on the old May Lane Motel /La Crescenta Motel, the name was changed but the style of the place and sign is just like you're back in time. It was sold again on March 2, 2006. The owners intend on bulldozing some time next year and putting in another shopping mall. Looks like this time it will happen. It is so sad and will be missed, This last of the old route 66 monuments should be preserved instead of torn down. It is no wonder that the movie industry are always filming at this site. This place is like stepping back in time and the landscaping is classic with old beautiful trees, which makes it hard to believe you're on Foothill Boulevard. To think that La Crescenta is willing to tear out the last bit of history and the beauty of those trees is a shame! Many thanks to Christy Lazar for update. 08-06

UPDATE 07/07 : I was so sad to hear about the May Lane Motel being torn down to accommodate yet another shopping area. I stayed there many times and my parents also stayed there when visiting us in La Crescenta. It was vintage, but clean, beautiful view, nice people, and just sitting in those old metal lawn chairs under the beautiful trees was wonderful in the evenings. It will be missed very much. I guess all good things DO come to an end. Many thanks to Sarah Ward for update. 07-07

UPDATE 02/08 : The May-Lane Motel which is now the La Crescenta Motel has not been torn down yet. It is still very much alive and available to stay at, although it could be closed and torn down at any time. I had the very good fortune of being able to work at the May-Lane a couple years back when it was used as a place the character played by actress Jennifer Connelly stayed in the motion picture "House of Sand and Fog." Many thanks to Chuck Weiss for update. 02-08









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