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Roadside Dairies Southern California


Mr. Milk Bottle
Pomona, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Many dairy signs are unique in their own right. Check out Mr. Milk Bottle and the happy milk bottle man.



Bossener Dairy
San Bernardino, CA
Photo and info courtesy David Carrasco

Here is a photo of the Bossener Drive-in Dairy located in San Bernardino, CA. This sign has a nice arrow and a star on top to attract customers to the Store.




PVC Dairy
Pomona, CA
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

This dairy sign also features a milk bottle on a girder type of post. Though, PVC dairy sounds like some kind of pipe the marquee itself is unique.


UPDATE 02/08 : The"PVC" in PVC Dairy stands for Pomona Valley Creamery. Many thanks to Fred Schmidt for update. 02-07



Driftwood Dairy
San Gabriel, CA
Photo courtesy Ahmet Suner

To the left is an old marquee for the Driftwood Dairy, this one located in San Gabriel.



Rockview Farms
Downey, CA
Photo courtesy Ahmet Suner

One of a chain, this Rockview Farms dairy features one of the eye-catching signs that brings in the dairy business. This one is located in Downey.





Driftwood Dairy
El Monte, CA
Photos courtesy Marilynn Hendrie


El Monte, CA is home to this Driftwood Dairy. Check out the arch of the building and the classic sign. The dairy is rumored to be in danger of closure these days. 12-07

(Far right) The marquee at the Driftwood Dairy towers over the street

(Near right) A look at the parabolic shape of the diary providing a good entranceway to the drive-up services









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