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Casino Alley Nevada
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Cactus Jacks Senator Club
Carson City, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

Here's the animated neon of Cactus Jacks casino in Carson City. See this neon casino sign and more at Roadside Peek's Casino Neon Nevada.



Las Vegas, NV
Photo by RoadsidePeek.com

Check out the neon at the Showboat Casino in Las Vegas and other eye-catching casinos at Roadside Peek's Vegas Casinos.





Commercial Casino
Elko, NV
Photo and info courtesy Allen Sandquist

The Commercial Casino features good eats in this place. The third floor is said to be haunted!!! It used to be a hotel, but now contains offices. The Commercial Casino originally opened in 1869 as the Humboldt Lodging House. After being renamed the Commercial Hotel in 1941, the hotel became home to well known entertainment.

The White King who stands in front of the hotel stands over 10 feet tall. This giant polar bear has graced the Commercial Casino since 1958. For more information, see the Commercial Casino website.





Club Silver Dollar
Elko, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn


The Club Silver Dollar is currently being run as a restaurant and saloon, although it has been authorized to house a casino. The casino is currently for sale and a 30 room hotel is proposed for the site. 10-06

Eagle Club
Wells, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn

This building is home to the Eagle Club. Wells, NV. 10-06




Owl Club
Battle Mountain, NV
Photo courtesy Dave & Debra van Hulsteyn


Here's the famous Owl Club of Battle Mountain, NV. The owl that's featured on the sign is quite a hoot. This casino, hotel, club, restaurant has 18 hotel room and word is has been around for almost a century. 10-06

(Near left) The view of the Owl Club from across the main drag


(Right) A close-up look at the neon owl that graces the Owl Club in Battle Mountain. How do you resist a friendly owl that's willing to serve a hungry traveler like this.










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