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New York, NY
Photo courtesy Jay Lin

This Chevrolet dealership is a real space age delight. Check out the angular roof line and space port like profile when viewed from the street.



Mercury Dealership
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Great look at this Mercury Dealership signage from the past. It is "rare" to see a car dealer sign hanging from buildings these days, though it was prevalent in the past. Kinda make you want to buy a new car?



Ernie's Motors
Muskegon, MI
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

Check out this old marquee for Ernie's Motors. Located in Muskegon, MI, Ernie's is still selling cars.





Pontiac Dealership
Franklin WV
Photo courtesy Moon Mullins OX-76

This Pontiac dealership sports the traditional logo on its marquee.



Arena Buick
Hammonton, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Check out the car dealer Arena Buick-Pontiac-GMC from Hammonton, NJ. Hammonton likes to call itself the blueberry capital of the world. The building is of the deco variety.



Savage L&B
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Pennsylvania is home to the Savage L&B Jeep dealership and the huge hat off the roadway.



Rassas Pontiac
Red Bank, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Located near the Jersey Shore is Rassas Pontiac in Red Bank. Rassas Brothers started as an Oakland-Pontiac dealer in 1930 and still serves the area. The neon still lights at night at Rassas.




Ford Dealership Sign
AACA Museum, Hershey, PA
Photo courtesy Steve Snyder

The Ford letters are all lit up in this treasure of a neon sign. Though this sign is no longer found along the road, it's being carefully preserved at the AACA Museum at the AACA Museum in Hershey.











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