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Snacks and Stuff East


Frostop Root Beer
Photo courtesy Don Gardner

Root beer locations are still prevalent in the Eastern states. In addition to the classic Frostop pictured to the left, many more can be seen at Roadside Peek's Root Beer East section.



Dairy Queen
Grafton, WV
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a little Eskimo holding a rather refreshing soft serve ice cream cone. This Dairy Queen and it's Eskimo themed marquee is located in Grafton, WV.





Coney Island Custard Shoppe (Sign gone)
Streetsboro, OH
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

Stop by the Coney Island Custard Shoppe in Streetsboro, OH and be greeted by a familiar smiling face rubbing against a giant strawberry milkshake.


UPDATE 05/05 : The smiley face sign is now gone. Many thanks to Mark Hackett for update. 05-05



UPDATE 08/13 : Here's another shot of the Custard's Coney Island Shoppe in Streetsboro prior to it becoming a Strickland's. Anyone know the whereabouts of this sign? 05-05


Custard's Sign
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett



Tastee Freez
Photo courtesy Mark Hackett

This Tastee Freez looks like one of the original locations of this nationwide chain. Check out the coloring on the side facade. Makes the thirsty traveler long for some soft serve ice cream. 11-00





DeAngelis Donuts
Beaver Falls, PA
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

DeAngelis Donuts in Beaver Falls, PA is the mothership of a small chain in Western PA. Good looking marquee.


UPDATE 07/11 : Here a current shot of the DeAngelis Donuts sign, still standing tall with its donut on top in Beaver Falls, PA. From the looks of this latest photo, the sign components rotate independently. 07-11


DeAngelis Donuts
Beaver Falls (near Chippewa), PA
Photo courtesy Jim Zahniser










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