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Snacks and Stuff East


Gary's Ice Cream
Chelmsford, MA
Photo courtesy Gary Frascarelli

Gary's Ice Cream is a landmark in the Chelmsford, MA area. Located at 131 Gorham St. - Route 3A, Gary's home made ice cream shop has been in business for 27 years.



Days Ice Cream
Ocean Grove, NJ
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out the ice cream lady advertising the Days Ice Cream of Ocean Grove, NJ. This ice cream character uses an ice cream cone as her body. Interesting advertising concept... looks like she's had her "fill".



Olympia Dairy Bar
Carneys Point, NJ
Photo and info courtesy Paul Bauke

Here's a shot of the Olympia Dairy Bar's marquee with its self proclaimed "famous shakes & burgers".



Carvel Ice Cream
Photo courtesy Louis Di Fazio

When you think of ice cream cakes, do you think of Carvel? If not, I guess their advertising campaign didn't pay off. But if you do, here's a photo of one of the Carvel Ice Cream Stands. Carvel got its start in Hartsdale, NY and is similar to a Dairy Queen without the hot food with soft serve and cakes a specialty. Many thanks to Louis Di Fazio for photos and info.



Richman's Ice Cream
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's Richman's Ice Cream, a location found in New Jersey.



Du Bois Ice Cream
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Here's a New Jersey shoppe that serves Ann Du Bois Ice Cream. Check out the little roadside sign outside of this place.



Freeze and Frizz
Lancaster, PA
Photo courtesy Bob Jagendorf

Check out the Freeze and Frizz ice cream of Lancaster, PA. Not sure if the two little piggies on the front wheelbarrow advertising the ice cream are Freeze and Frizz.



Oliver's Candies
Batavia, NY
Photo courtesy Steve Felder

Oliver's Candies of Batavia, New York proclaims "own make" on its sign. Must be homemade.













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